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May Case of the Month

May 01, 2019

Kenny, a 1 year old, male neutered mixed breed canine presented to Stagecoach Pet Hospital for severe itchiness with some hair loss of the trunk and head.

Kenny was adopted two weeks ago. Kenny is eating and drinking well and up to date on vaccinations.

Physical Exam

On physical examination, Kenny has a normal body temperature, respiration, and heart rate. He has alopecia ( hair loss ) of the head and back. There are no fleas noted on examination. There is a skin infection on the belly.


A skin scrape was performed.


Kenny was diagnosed with Sarcoptic Mange. This is a mite called Sarcoptes scabiei var canis. These mites are very small and not visible to the naked eye. This mite burrows under the skin and causes severe itchiness.

Did you know that Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious and can spread from pet to human? Yikes!!!


Kenny was started on oral treatment and after 4 weeks is doing much better! His hair coat is growing back and he is not itchy anymore.

If you suspect a skin condition in your pet, please have them examined as soon as possible.

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