Microchip Implant

A pet microchip creates a forever bond between you and the pet you love. And together with the HomeAgain pet recovery system, you’ll give your pet the best chance of coming back home to you.


We provide a range of surgeries for your beloved pet including neutering, spaying, dental, orthopedic, and more in a sterilized, up-to-date, and knowledgeable veterinary setting by a skilled veterinarian.

Specialized Animal Care

We provide specialized care for your furry family member with up-to-date medical information, services, and equipment. To us your pet is our family too.


We believe in providing preventative care for your beloved pet and offer several convenient vaccines at affordable prices to ensure your pet is protected from serious and harmful diseases


4826 East Stagecoach Rd. Suite 300 Killeen TX, 76542

(We are located on the intersection of East Trimmier & East Stagecoach)

Phone: 254-200-2790
Fax: 254-200-9559
Email: stagecoachpethospital@gmail.com

Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 6
Saturday: 8 -12


After Hours Veterinary Services

(254) 628-5017
2501 South W S Young Drive
Suite# 413
Killeen, TX 76542

Animal Emergency Center of Temple/Belton

(254) 231-3774
3809 S General Bruce Drive
Suite# 108
Temple, TX 76502

welcome to our clinic!

Paula Podhajsky (Veterinarian)
Stagecoach Pet Hospital is dedicated to providing the utmost care for your beloved family member, with our state of the art lab equipment, digital radiographs, surgeries, and medicine.